How to Train a Puppy in Apartment That urinating Outside Home?

Potty Train a Puppy
Potty Train a Puppy

Many people wonder how to potty train a puppy in an apartment. Puppies that have never lived in an apartment before are going to need some help in getting used to their new environment. It is not uncommon for an older dog to be very accidents in a small space. This how to potty train a puppy in an apartment article will help you start off with success.

When living in an apartment how to potty train a puppy in an apartment starts with how to potty train a puppy indoors from the day they are born. It is imperative that you give your puppies breaks and tell them when it is time to go to the bathroom. The easiest way to tell when your dog needs to go to the bathroom is by checking for any signs of accidents.

How to Potty Train a Puppy in an Apartment Starts

You will want to look for redness around the rectum area or the area directly below the tail. If you see these signs, you need to take your pup to the designated spot immediately. This way accidents will be few and you will soon know what to expect when potty training indoor puppies.

A great idea to try is to have a dog crate right outside the apartment you live in. Make sure the crate is big enough for your puppy to turn around in. Then put a nice bedding inside the crate and tell your puppy to go to his designated spot every few hours. If you have a dog that smells like they just came out of the litter then you may want to use some type of positive reinforcement while potty training your puppy to use the crate.

This type of positive reinforcers can be food, treats, a toy, or even a nice bath right before they go to the bathroom. Just remember accidents happen and as long as you are taking care of them by having the right schedule and positive reinforcement, your puppy will have no accidents.

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