Selecting a Perfect Puppy


Owning a puppy is an exciting time for most pet owners. A puppy is usually a small juvenile puppy under six weeks old, with fully developed teeth for the first year of their lives. Some puppies may only wait up to 1.5 kilograms, while other larger ones may wait up to 7 kilograms. All healthy puppies develop rapidly after birth, with the coat color changing frequently as the puppy develops.

Select the Puppy Carefully From a Litter

It is very important to select the puppy carefully from a litter, and with proper care, to ensure that the puppy develops into a healthy, happy adult dog. Puppy breeders in the united states are very diligent in making sure that puppies are properly cared for in their first six months of life. They carefully monitor each puppy to determine whether it is growing properly. Breeders and dealers are constantly researching new information on breeds and on possible health problems. They also keep careful records of their dogs’ progress and compare these records with the breeding records of the surrounding dogs to determine the quality and fitness of each dog in their litter.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) also places breeders and sellers on its national list of Certified puppy breeders. AKC-registered breeders must meet a very high standard of quality and conduct regular health examinations on all of their pups. To become certified, breeders have to demonstrate a continuous process of education on breeding healthy and productive dogs. A breeder is also required to take a very detailed and thorough examination every two years by the AKC, which ensures the high standards of care being maintained.

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