Socialization – Training Your Puppy Through The First Six Months

my puppy has diarrhea
my puppy has diarrhea

When you bring home your puppy, you immediately need to establish its “line” or territory. You should also do this when you get the puppy because puppies like to mark their areas. Keep a close eye on your puppy at all times to keep it from wandering off and get hit by a car or some other object that might otherwise end up hurting it.

Your Puppy Will Not be Able to Speak or Communicate Effectively With You or Your Family

During the first four weeks after birth, the puppy will not be able to speak or communicate effectively with you or your family. The puppy will not be able to distinguish between his or her littermates and other animals in the household. This is the time when you will need to start introducing the puppy to people. If your puppy has not been socialized during the first four weeks of life, then the new family members you are bringing into the house will have to be educated about proper socialization patterns.

The most effective way to socialize your puppy now is through positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement, however, should never be used on the puppy when he or she does something wrong. If you have already used positive reinforcement more than once during the puppy’s development stages, then it may be time to stop using them. Instead, use positive reinforcement only when the puppy is doing something right and you see the puppy actually doing it. This technique helps puppy owners keep the dog socialized with its surroundings, but it also ensures that the puppy receives the love and attention that it really needs during the first six months.

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