Orqun Uyghur Translation: Your bridge to seamless communication between Uyghur and other languages.


Orqun Media Investments: Fueling innovation in news media projects through strategic investments.


Orqun Consultancy: Elevating businesses through expert management and marketing solutions.


Orqun Uyghur Capital:

Nurturing smart ideas and supporting small projects for the betterment of the Uyghur community.

Orqun Business Club

Uyghur Business Development Club

A dynamic community fostering networking, collaboration, and growth for businesses, where innovative ideas thrive and partnerships flourish.

Orqun Universal

Orqun Universal Business Platform

A versatile and inclusive hub fostering global business connections, providing a seamless space for diverse enterprises to thrive and collaborate.

Let’s work, learn, and grow together!

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Orqun Job Platform

Address unemployment and alleviate poverty among Uyghur youth, fostering a robust and prosperous new generation in the diaspora.

Uyghur market

Showcasing Uyghur businesses and products, fostering economic growth and cultural exchange.

Orqun Tech Service

Safeguarding and optimizing your digital assets through expert solutions in cybersecurity and data management.


Who says what?

Discover the success stories and testimonials of individuals who have benefited from Orqun Business Services—a testament to our commitment to driving excellence, fostering growth, and achieving tangible results for our clients.

Recent news about Uyghur business.

provides timely and relevant updates on the dynamic landscape of Uyghur entrepreneurship, offering insights into emerging trends, success stories, and industry developments that shape the business community. Stay informed with Uyghur Business News for a comprehensive perspective on economic growth and innovation within the Uyghur business sphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

What Does Orqun Do?

Orqun facilitates language translation services, invests in news media projects, offers consultancy in management and marketing, supports Uyghur entrepreneurs through business development, operates a business club, and provides a platform for Uyghur businesses and products. Additionally, Orqun is involved in job platform creation, cybersecurity, and data services.

How Can I work with Orqun?

To collaborate with Orqun, explore opportunities across our diverse services such as language translation, media investment, business consultancy, and more. For inquiries about working with Orqun Capital, kindly contact us .We look forward to exploring meaningful partnerships with you.

How do I join Orqun Uyghur Business Club?

Whether you already have a business or aspire to start one, and if you’re eager to learn and collaborate, you’re more than welcome to join Orqun Uyghur Business Club.

What is the procedure for Orqun Investment?

To explore investment opportunities with Orqun, please contact our investment team through the provided channels on our website. They will guide you through the application process and discuss the steps involved in potential collaboration.