Introduction to Orqun LLC

Orqun LLC is a diverse and dynamic company offering a comprehensive suite of universal business services. With a global perspective and a commitment to excellence, Orqun LLC stands as a trusted partner for organizations seeking specialized expertise across various domains.

At its core, Orqun LLC is dedicated to facilitating cross-cultural understanding and promoting the development of marginalized communities. The company’s services encompass language translation, comprehensive news media coverage, security and intelligence analysis focused on China, and consultancy services centered on minority development and education.

One of Orqun LLC’s flagship initiatives is the Uyghur Language Service, which has published three groundbreaking books, including collaborations with prestigious institutions like Harvard University Press. Notably, the company has translated and published Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel’s “Night,” a powerful memoir that sheds light on the Holocaust, fostering awareness and understanding of this tragic chapter in history.

In the realm of news media, Orqun LLC has established multiple distinct platforms: Uyghur Times, Hispanic Times,,, National Security Times, and Human Rights Press ( Uyghur Times is a bilingual (Uyghur and English) media outlet that serves as a voice for the Uyghur community, focusing on human rights, cultural preservation, and the social life of the Uyghur diaspora. Hispanic Times, a newly founded bilingual organization, provides comprehensive news updates about Latin America, Latin Americans in the United States, and global affairs. was acquired with the aim of creating the largest Islamic world news media website that can reach the global Muslim community of 2 billion people. was acquired with the aim of creating a news website focused on the Turkic media world. National Security Times will be another major project in the national security area that focuses on providing information about threats from domestic and foreign actors. Human Rights Press ( has been a human rights-related news website project that reports and covers major global human rights events and issues.

Furthermore, Orqun LLC offers specialized security and intelligence analysis services through its CCP initiative. This platform collects, translates, archives, and educates the public on the national security threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), particularly in terms of its interference in shaping public opinion in America.

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